Tony & Colleen Mason 

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Tony, Colleen, Ruby, Isla, Jovi, and Luna are called to "organize and rally" the people of God to "go forth and be the church".  KCN's mission is to reach the lost, disciple the found, and model the Kingdom--a mission of "going forth", sometimes spontaneously and with risk, sometimes cautiously and calculated, but all the time as the faithful representatives of the Kingdom of God.  This is why KCN is so thrilled to have the Masons on board; they help us  to "Go!" and "be the kingdom".  In there own words:

We desire to invite people to the heart of God and build His kingdom by building relationships. Our method is to go and get them...

This mission of ministry moves away from program oriented ministry, where the most visible portion of the church in action is the sign out in front. It is a movement away from “pied-piper” ministry that falls apart when the leadership is dispersed.

We want to be facilitators of the people of God to move outward into communities, to usher in the reign and rule of God and to be physical, tangible evidence of His Kingdom...

Please be in prayer with the Masons as they work with the KCN Team and Mission:Kona Coast to plan and launch a church plant in Waimea. With Tony's broad skill-set and experience and Colleen's unique ability to minister to women in the critical childbearing and childrearing years, the Masons look to launch their church from the ground up--connecting with neighbors in the "grit" of life, and equipping them to be true disciples. 

15 Questions for the Masons

  1. How long since your wedding: Married for 10 years
  2. Little Ones: Ruby, Isla, Jovi, Luna
  3. Most Influential People on Your Faith: Tony: Christian martyrs.   Colleen: My parents
  4. Perfect Activity, Sunday, 12noon: Taking a "Nazarene Nap"
  5. Dream for Ministry: Big Island becomes GOD'S ISLAND!
  6. Favorite Foods: Tony: I eat to live.  Colleen: I live to eat!
  7. Beats Making You Move: "Build Your Kingdom Here" by Rend Collective
  8. Surf, Swim, or Dive: Tony: Run  Colleen: Dance
  9. Shave Ice or Ice Cream: Tony: Shave Ice  Colleen: Ice Cream
  10. Favorite Flick: Tony: Braveheart "Freeeeedooooooom!"  Colleen: Rookie Of The Year. My dad is in the movie!
  11. Unknown Fact: Tony: I occasionally ride a giraffe. Colleen: I always wanted to be a Radio City Rockette.
  12. Most exciting part of M:KC: Tony: Being apart of the Body of Christ, united in victory. Colleen: Being swept up into the work God is already doing. 
  13. Wearing on my feet: Tony: Running shoes.  Colleen: Slippas
  14. Greatest sports moment of all time: Tony: Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile. Colleen: The last time the Cubs won the World Series (1908!). 
  15. Khakis, board shorts, or hybrids?  Tony: Board shorts.  Colleen: Swim suit and sundress 

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